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Forumotion Review

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Forumotion Review Review12Congratulations! Your forum review has been completed. The
forum review will hold many tips, suggestions, comments, and feedback
that's convenient and voluntary for your forum. Here is your forum

Forumotion Review Genera12 Generalities

  1. First Impressions (Score: 17/20):
    I'd like to say that your forum's 'Wix' homepage is wonderfully
    created! Wix definitely does offer some decent-looking webpages, eh?
    But anyway, when I accessed your forum's main index, I found a very
    nice blue color scheme. The banner looks very professional, as well as
    the other graphics on your forum. The only thing that bugs me about
    your forum index are those buttons that are inlined in the bottom-right
    corner of the window. If they had a toolbar image set as the background
    image, then that would be great. Overall, nice job on the forum index;
    they gave me positive first impressions!

  2. Categories & Forums (Score: 7/10):
    love the idea of how you merged all of your discussion forums up into a
    table that's in the description of a hidden forum. I used the same idea
    on one of my previous forums, and it reduced the height of the forum
    index by a lot. And not to mention that it looks pretty professional
    for the forum index. However, I would like to make two suggestions: 1)
    Add an 's' to the word 'Question' in the title of the section 'Help
    & Questions', and then form that discussion forum with the 'About
    Unskilled' category. That section would seem as if it were to be more
    convenient in that category. 2) Hide the 'Recycle Bin'; it's not
    necessary for it to be publicised to the forum's members and guests. If
    you do not wish to do so, then at least attach it to another category
    where there's other section. It seems dull just laying there in an
    individually-based form.

Generalities total :: 24/30

Forumotion Review Forums10
Graphic Design &

  1. Graphics (Score: 14/20):
    work on the banner. Even though it's composed of just text and a logo,
    it's still professional, and it blends in with the header of the forum.
    Nice work; nothing wrong with the banner.

    Navigation Bar
    like the navigation bar- the design looks good. However, the color
    scheme of it doesn't match with the layout of the forum. I recommend
    making it a little more darkish-blue... it appears to be a color of
    green and blue mixed together. Also, another suggestion I would like to
    make is for you to increase the size of the navigation bar buttons
    because it seems a little bit too small, especially when I'm a guess
    and there are only 5 buttons. Increase the size of the navigation bar
    and change the color to a more darker blue, and then you'll be set for
    this criteria.

    Forum Icons
    really like the New Posts, No New Posts, and Locked forum icons. They
    contribute to the theme of the forum. Also, the icons that you have in
    the forum descriptions look good as well. There's nothing wrong that I
    found with the forum icons.

    'Who Is Online?' Image
    basic, but the Who Is Online image looks pretty nice. However, I did
    find a flaw with it. 1) The text 'Who Is Online' on the image isn't
    centered perfectly. 2) The black coloring in the image doesn't
    contribute with the main color scheme of the forum at all. Be sure to
    change the black color to something more fitting- maybe dark

  2. Forum Layout & Colors (Score: 10/10):
    I stated in the First Impressions criteria of this review, the blue
    color scheme really made me feel welcomed into the forum; it's very
    soothing, and that's the kind of feeling your guests need considering
    that your forum is based on general discussion, social networking, and
    fun/games. The forum layout is really nice as well. I believe the forum
    theme is Matei's creation; nice pick!

Graphic Design & Layout total :: 24/30

Forumotion Review Usergr10 Usergroups

  1. Population of Staff Members (Score: 5/10):
    unable to review this criteria since I need to be logged in in order to
    view the population of staff members. Therefore, I give this section of
    the review half of the maximum scoring.

  2. Usergroups in General (Score: 7/10):
    definitely like the fact that your forum has only 5 usergroups. You
    kept the usergroups number at a low amount. The only problem I found
    with the usergroups was the color of the 'GFX' and 'Banned' usergroups.
    You can barely even read what those usergroups are named because of how
    bright the colors are. Be sure to change the colors of them to
    something more legit and convenient.

Usergroups :: 12/20

Forumotion Review Foruma30 Forum Activity

  1. Post/Member Ratio & Quantity (Score: 9/10):
    Our users have posted a total of 3784 messages
    We have 148 registered users
    The newest registered user is premzz
    forum has approximately 3,800 forum posts and 150 registered board
    members. Idealistically, if you divided all of the forum's posts into
    each and every one of the registered forum members, the ratio would be
    around 25 posts per member. If you ask me, that seems to be a fair
    ratio. However, I expect to see more posts per member later on in the

  2. Users Active (Score: 1/10):
    connected during last 48 hours : danielthedisaster™, Edward, faith:),
    premzz, rawwwr, Seduction, Thenightstalker, tophe
    but 8 out of nearly 150 members active in the past two days isn't
    really a great essential for your forum. There's nothing more to say
    because it's common sense; start regaining all of your forum's members
    back. Do whatever it takes... send out weekly newsletters and even
    daily inactive account notifications. Strive to build up your forum's

Forum Activity total :: 10/20

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Forumotion Review Potpis
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Post on 6/19/2010, 04:24 by jollibee

Congratulations to our forum!


Post on 6/19/2010, 05:57 by tophe

Congratulations! Unskilled Forum


Post on 6/19/2010, 08:13 by iJerick

Woah, Congrats!


Post on 6/19/2010, 08:52 by rawwwr



Post on 6/19/2010, 12:09 by faith:)

congratulations to all of us!


Post on 6/20/2010, 06:01 by benedict08

We need new members and remember to keep posting..

Users Active (Score: 1/10):
connected during last 48 hours : danielthedisaster™️, Edward, faith:),
premzz, rawwwr, Seduction, Thenightstalker, tophe

See? So lets promote our forum! Smile We need it..


Post on 6/24/2010, 03:24 by Edward

your right!ben!


Post on 11/24/2010, 19:27 by nhoj122

i am new your needing me! hehehe hi guys... santa
btw congrats! =D congratz

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