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1Suggestion Suggestions on 5/19/2010, 07:31


Hey Admin,

Concerns for your forum.

~ Please use the correct grammar for the sentences.
~ Then, add a Category called "HELP SECTION".. the FAQ section's not about the questions. Those are faqs.
~ For the themes, convert the whole forum in mode PHPBB3, the latest 1. just click this: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
~ Add a gradient image (1 px for fast loading) to the table border background.
~ Make your forum width into 70%.

Uhmm. That's all for now. Hope that you'll not get mad at me. It's only my opinion for a good looking forum.
Thank you. As a member, I have to be concerned 'coz it's also for me. Smile


2Suggestion Re: Suggestions on 5/19/2010, 13:04


Support Mod
Support Mod
What do you mean about wrong grammar sentences?
Yes, we've change faq to help.
We are using PHPBB3 for almost a months now a days.
Anyways we will not change our forum width into 70%

That's OK your suggestion will be a very good opinion to us, We are not still PRO when it comes on Administrating.

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3Suggestion Re: Suggestions on 5/19/2010, 15:13


Level 1
Level 1
He mean about the wrong grammar. I think he's observing some members of the forum and saw some wrong grammar/ text? Is that what you mean danielvicedo?


4Suggestion Re: Suggestions on 5/19/2010, 15:37


yea. some of the post are in wrong grammar. promise.
read every sentences in the forum. and you'll see.
(e.g.)We are not still PRO when it comes on Administrating a designs.
have you seen the red one? you have to remove it. 'coz 'designs' is in a plural form.. right?

I'm just concerned.
Also, that's why I came here is to help you guys.

That's all

5Suggestion Re: Suggestions on 6/1/2010, 12:20


Level 2
Level 2
Hello Earthlings!
danielvicedo is correct that we should have to use a proper and
correct grammar in our forum but we shouldn't have to be strict of
that. Its not a matter of * but its a matter of *....
So regarding to that topic me myself have also difficulties in English
and most especially in creating effective sentences and checking
this argument shall be consider for the people who needs improvement
most especially above and beyond all other consideration in English
Skills. ( including me Smile )

yeah yeah.. don't be serious~

You may also check this, it may help you Smile
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