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Fantastic 50 Productions Mafia Wars Guide On How To Get A 501 Mafia Easily

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When your in fights on mafia wars, do you ever go OMG I wish I could have a mafia of 100-501? Well I used to be like that I had a tiny mafia of five but then I found out!

So in this guide I will tell you the best ways to get a big mafia fast, I mean real fast like 24 hours. If you're thinking, why am I giving this information away free, you normally have to pay? Well if you are lets say I don't belive in making money from a fun game.

Strategy One

I call this strategy, give recive. Its very simple. To start you should join some of the biggest mafia wars groups like dailyplayers. Then do not post ADD ME posts, what you should do is give away some tips because then the viewer will think: Nice tip and they will think that you could really help them so they will add you, this way got me 100 friend requests in 5 minutes! Do this with all the groups, I mean join every mafia wars group and do this.

Strategy Two

Pimping, Pimping is where a owner of a site or group tells everyone to add you, so this may involve paying but there are a few groups where if you nicely PM the owner they will pimp you. Also if you are a blogger or admin of a mafia wars group or site then they are likely to Pimp you, More about this is strategy three. Some groups if you're active on there site or group then they will notice and pimp you.

Strategy Three

I call this way "Experience=Friends". What you do is you look to see if any groups or sites need bloggers or admins(Mafia wars groups). Then you send your application and show your intrest if they accept you and you do well with your job they will start pimping you and if its a group viewers will tend to add administrators of groups, if its a blog then include your profile link at the bottom. I suggest daily players they always accept bloggers and they will pimp you all the time and they will allow you to add your facebook profile link at the bottom of your posts. If you do join daily players and apply please say that Steven Kippax refered you.

Thank You

Thank you for reading and I hope this guide really helps. Please leave any comments here and ask any other questions.



Unskilled Maniac
Unskilled Maniac
Thanks for sharing this on........ If i have time i will play this one.


Support Mod
Support Mod
whoa! thanks for sharing!

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Unskilled Fool
Unskilled Fool
thanks for sharing


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